Nasal Fracture

"Repairing a Broken Nose"

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"Nasal fracture or bone shift is the most common type of facial injury to cause deformity, and breathing or sleeping problems if ignored."

Dr Terry Hung
Ear. Nose and Throat Specialist

According to Dr Terry Hung, Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist, 40% of facial injuries are related to a broken nose. Contact sports such as basketball, rugby, boxing and Taekwondo are common causes of nasal fracture, as well as traffic accidents, bar fights and childhood injuries, the latter of which may go unattended to for years. In any injuries, the immediate swelling will have to be dealt with first. The accumulation of excessive blood in the nasal septum, the partition between the nasal cavities, may lead to breathing difficulties or inflammation of the nasal carti I age. After the swelling has subsided, other medical procedures can be performed to correct any noticeable deformity or functional damage.

Nasal manipulation for milder cases

This is a relatively minor surgical procedure done under sedation. It involves pushing and slipping of the nasal bones back to their original I positions. " However this can only be done on less severe cases or when the injuries are still relatively fresh within two weeks of the trauma, " explained Dr Hung.

Corrective surgery for deformity and functional problems

Depending on the nature of the injury, two kinds of surgery may be performed to correct deformity and functional problems.

Septoplasty aims at fixing the functional problems by straightening the nasal septum. "The injury may cause the nasal septum to deviate and collapse into the cavities, obstructing airflow and causing congestion. Patients complain of breathing difficulties, snoring or even sleep apnea. This procedure helps to correct these functional problems," said Dr Hung. The surgery takes approximately 45 minutes with a recovery period of one week.

Rhinoplasty, on the other hand, maybe required if the problem relates to the appearance of the nose as a result of the trauma. Reconstruction of the nasal bones is done through small incisions inside the nostril leaving no external scar. Typically the surgery takes two to four hours but the swelling may take one to two weeks to settle. Patients wear a facial splint for a week for stabilisation and protection after the procedure.

"One should always take caution when playing contact sports. Elbowing is a common cause for a broken nose because of the considerable force that is being struck. There have been cases whereby patients, whose childhood injuries went untreated, resulted in long-term breathing and sleeping problems. These injuries should be treated immediately and properly," advised Dr Hung.

For minor cases, the nasal bones can be pushed back to their original positions by a specialist if diagnosed early, said Dr Hung.

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